Volume 1, Issue 1 (April 2008)

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Karasavvoglou A. G.

Drakopoulos S. A., Drakopoulou Dodd S., Theodossiou I.
Gender Discrimination and Institutional Frameworks: Evidence from four European Union Countries
Abstract - Article

Gstraunthaler Th., Lukáks J., Steller M.
The Board of Directors and its Role in the Corporate Governance System - Considerations about the Control Model - A Research Note
Abstract - Article

Samy M., Tawfik H., Huang R., Nagar A. K.
Financial Literacy of Youth. A Sensitivity Analysis of the Determinants
Abstract - Article

Sprčić D. M., Tekavčič M., Šević Ž.
A Review of the Rationales for Corporate Risk Management: Fashion or the Need?
Abstract - Article

Stathakis G.
Imperialism: Old and New Theories
Abstract - Article