Volume 2, Issue 2 (December 2009)

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Karasavvoglou A. G.
In memory of Jörg

Pantelidis Panagiotis, Trachanas Emmanouil, Athanasenas L. Athanasios and Katrakilidis Constantinos
On the Dynamics of the Greek Twin Deficits: Empirical evidence over the period
1960 – 2007
Abstract - Article

Borooah K. Vani, Mangan John
Multiculturalism versus Assimilation: Attitudes towards Immigrants in Western Countries
Abstract - Article

Dritsakis Nikolaos, Gkanas Alexandros
The effect of socio-economic determinants on crime rates: An empirical research in the case of Greece with cointegration analysis
Abstract - Article

Bampatsou Christina, Hadjiconstantinou George
The use of the DEA method for simultaneous analysis of the interrelationships among economic growth, environmental pollution and energy consumption
Abstract - Article

Sopková Eva
Cost Effectiveness of Paying Value Added Tax from the Viewpoint of Businesses
Abstract - Article

Sariannidis Nikolaos, Koskosas Ioannis, Kartalis Nikos, Konteos George
Macroeconomic effects on D.J.S.I.-World Returns
Abstract - Article