Volume 4, Issue 2 (August 2011)

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Vasilis Angelis and Katerina Dimaki
A Region's Basic Image as a Measure of its Attractiveness
Abstract - Article

Ikhlaas Gurrib
The Impact of Mining and Services Industries on the Structural Change of Australia
Abstract - Article

P. K. Mishra
The Dynamics of Relationship between exports and economic growth in India
Abstract - Article

Thankom Arun and Vani K. Borooah
The Gender impact in Earnings Inequality: Evidence from Sri Lanka
Abstract - Article

Dimitra Aggelopoulou, Stavros Zografakis and Panayiotis Sypsas
Distribution of poverty and inequality indices for various groups in Greece using the bootstrap technique
Abstract - Article

Rohnn Sanderson
Compartmentalising Gold Prices
Abstract - Article

Samuel Bindu, Lloyd Chigusiwa, D. Mazambani, L. Muchabaiwa, V. Mudavanhu
The Effect of stock market wealth on private consumption in Zimbabwe
Abstract - Article

Kahnim Farajova
Budget Deficit and Macroeconomics Fundamentals: The case of Azerbaijan
Abstract - Article